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March the 25th.

We’ve reached the culminating week of our retreat, with less than 72 hours remaining until the grand finale, Demo Day.

This week unfolds like a hesitant spring day, mirroring the weather’s peculiar consistency over the past few days. As we draw closer to the looming Tower of Fate on the horizon, an eerie sense of dryness permeates the atmosphere, adding to the ominous aura. The weight of anticipation settles upon us, gnawing at our resolve with relentless anxiety. Even the most resilient among us can feel the immense pressure bearing down as we confront the ultimate challenge of the retreat.

Yet, there are no pleas for leniency.
No surrender in sight.
The obstacles ahead may be daunting, but we meet them head-on, wearing smiles as our armor.

And so, with smiles adorning our faces, we gather in the morning, greeted by the familiar corridors of the college. Today marks the beginning of a relentless march towards the Demo Day, dedicated entirely to perfecting our pitches. It’s a cycle of presentation, feedback, refinement, and repetition.

To aid us in this monumental undertaking, we are honored to host Ricardo Cesteiro – Manager Partner and Producer at Camel 101. Ricardo brings a wealth of experience in the gaming industry, whether as a visionary founder, strategic board advisor, or discerning angel investor. His presence promises to be the final catalyst for our teams before the crucial Demo Day. Following a succinct introduction, the day unfolds into a flurry of pitches, with Ricardo, ever the pragmatist, diving straight into the heart of each presentation. Pitch after pitch, our teams engage with him, eagerly soaking in his feedback and swiftly incorporating adjustments.

Even the lunch break is a brief affair, as teams remain focused on maximizing every moment. The afternoon resumes with the same fervor as the morning, with pitches flowing seamlessly into feedback sessions.

As evening descends, a palpable sense of accomplishment lingers in the air. Fatigue may weigh heavily upon us, but there’s an undeniable sense that the finish line is within grasp.

And so, as the teams disperse for the day, the silent echoes of the college halls bear witness to their quiet determination. In less than 24 hours, the fate of every startup will hang in the balance.
The countdown continues its inexorable march.

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