Demo Day > Gaming Startup Retreat 2nd Edition

March the 26th.

The long-awaited day has arrived, shrouded in the gathering darkness that heralds the peak of despair. The final ascent to the summit of destiny’s tower lies mere heartbeats away, where the ultimate adversary lies in wait, orchestrating the grand finale of our retreat. The teams stand poised, ready to confront their fate. The stage is a somber tableau, set for the denouement of our journey.

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, once again, to the end of all things.

As morning breaks with a calm foreboding, the skies weep in solemn gray, mourning the impending conclusion of what has been six weeks of profound significance. Though the chill is absent, an unsettling darkness pervades the atmosphere.

The morning is devoted to preparations: a last rehearsal upon the stage, a final sound check amidst the hushed anticipation. Confidence hangs heavy in the air, tempered by the awareness that

excessive rehearsal can breed doubt. With every entrepreneur poised to showcase their endeavors, lunchtime swiftly approaches.

And then, the hour arrives. Tension mounts as participants converge, the doors a gateway to the culmination of all things. Ricardo Gonçalves, our guide through this odyssey, assumes the role of host, welcoming all and introducing the first speaker, Jeferson Valadares from Fortis Games and APVP, with a presentation that is over in but a fleeting moment, yielding the stage to our startups. From this point onward, reality blurs, and events unfold like a haunting reverie.

Each team is granted seven minutes to illuminate the darkness with their brilliance, to conquer the formidable trial laid before them. And shine they do, radiating with a brilliance that pierces the gloom, ascending the tower’s pinnacle as triumphant conquerors, like the ones before them, vanquishing the Gaming Retreat’s Demo Day.
Following their triumph, Rui Humberto of Fun Punch Games and Co-founder of Game Dev Lisbon and Francisco Pires Miranda from Class of Wonders share their insights, enriching an already extraordinary event.

As the ceremonies draw to a close, Carlos Soares Lopes – CEO of Startup Madeira imparts wisdom on seizing opportunity, a poignant reflection of the past six weeks—a chance seized, friendships forged, boundaries transcended, and growth attained.

At this journey’s end, we stand proudly, having achieved every objective, expanded our horizons boundlessly. As the Earth’s frontiers fade, our potential knows no bounds. Afterward, amidst the fading echoes of the event, a networking session ensues—a chance to forge connections amidst the remnants of twilight. Once again, the sun sets bright and peaceful… the shadows are gone.

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