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March the 18th.

The darkness is here.
The doors of oblivion are opened as the void the stretches it’s evil hands over the island

As the week started, a new chapter unfurled within the hallowed halls of the Monastery. It was the beginning of week five, a juncture where dreams collided with reality, and the echoes of innovation reverberated through the very fabric of existence.

Amidst the ethereal mist of anticipation, Ivan Barroso emerged as a harbinger of enlightenment, his presence akin to a celestial navigator guiding souls through the boundless cosmos of gaming innovation. As Lead PlayStation First Project Manager at GameNest Lisbon, his pedigree in the realm of gaming was nothing short of legendary, his insights revered as gospel among the disciples of digital creation.

With a voice that resonated like thunder across the heavens, Ivan embarked on a journey of exploration, delving deep into the enigmatic concept of the world as a gaming platform. Like a sage unveiling the mysteries of the universe, he revealed the interconnected web of possibilities that lay dormant within the fabric of reality itself.

As the workshop commenced, a sense of wonder swept through the gathered throngs of entrepreneurs, their eyes aglow with the fire of discovery. Ivan led them through the labyrinth of imagination, inviting them to envision a world where every corner, every interaction, became a canvas for gaming expression.

On the traditional one-on-ones, which serve as a balm when the lunch hour ends, Ivan illuminated the infinite possibilities of game connection to the real world. With each revelation, the boundaries between fiction and reality blurred, ushering forth a new era of innovation and creativity.

As the workshop drew to a close, a palpable energy surged through the air, igniting the spirits of all who bore witness to Ivan’s wisdom. His words lingered like whispers on the wind, a reminder that the world itself was but a canvas awaiting the strokes of gaming mastery.

And so, on the first day the Tower of Destiny showed itself over the horizon, Ivan Barroso transcended the realms of mortal existence, becoming a beacon of inspiration for all who dared to dream within the vast expanse of the gaming universe. As the sun dipped below the horizon, casting its golden glow upon the horizon, the legacy of his teachings illuminated the path forward… and then it was gone.

The shadows are too strong.
No light can survive this darkness.
Hope is all that’s left.

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