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March the 19th.

Exactly one week for the final confrontation against the root of all evil. Darkness has taken hold and this time it won’t give it up that easily.

A hush fell over the bustling corridors of the Monastery, heralding the arrival of a mentor whose presence promised to ignite the flames of innovation and camaraderie. João Castro, an Associate Professor specializing in Digital Business, Innovation, and Technology, stepped into the spotlight, his aura exuding an air of authority and wisdom.

As the day unfolded, João embarked on a transformative journey into the heart of team dynamics, his words carrying the weight of decades of experience in the field. With a keen eye and a gentle demeanor, and Legos, he guided the eager entrepreneurs through the intricate dance of building and retaining a “Dream Team.”

In the workshop that followed, João unveiled the secrets of cultivating a harmonious and productive work environment, where individual talents melded seamlessly into a collective force of innovation. Like a maestro conducting a symphony, he emphasized the importance of communication, trust, and mutual respect as the cornerstones of team potential.

With each passing moment, the workshop became a crucible of transformation, where ideas were exchanged, barriers were broken, and visions were crystallized into actionable plans. Under João’s guidance, the entrepreneurs emerged not only with a newfound understanding of team dynamics but also with a renewed sense of purpose and determination.

As the day drew to a close and the sun dipped below the horizon, casting its warm glow upon the retreat, the legacy of João’s teachings lingered in the air like a whispered promise of greatness yet to be achieved. Inspired by his words and fueled by the bonds forged in the crucible of collaboration, the entrepreneurs embarked on their journey forward, united in their quest to realize the full potential of their “Dream Team.”

But can this be enough to resist the temptation?

Can friendship conquer all?

The books say it can, but this is not a book. The consequences are real. The future of each and every entrepreneur is on the line.

Can light prevail?
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