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March the 6th.

The bustling cityscape, alive with the hum of activity, masked the undercurrent of tension that gripped the town. The buildings reached towards the heavens, casting shadows that hinted at the looming uncertainty in the horizon.

In the heart of the city, our teams returned to the monastery. Their voices, filled with laughter and excitement, announced another cool day at the site. And what a day it would turn out to be.

Revisiting the model of every other day, the Retreat’s schedule is brimming with mentors meticulously chosen to fill any gaps that might arise. Today, our honored guest was Pedro Macedo Camacho – Composer [World of Warcraft, Start Citizen, Witcher 3, …] – an exciting and very knowledgeable individual with almost twenty years of hands-on experience. Pedro blessed us with an array of music, exotic landscapes and just beautiful melodies.

As the morning sun dipped towards the horizon, minds saturated with fresh perspectives, the lunch hour emerged as a much-needed respite.

In the afternoon, the teams embarked on their traditional one-on-one mentorship sessions with Pedro. This provided them with an opportunity to individually showcase their projects and, in turn, receive invaluable feedback.

As the mentorship sessions drew to a close, the teams, one after another, departed from the venue. The tranquility brought by the solitude of silence descended upon the ancient halls of the monastery. What had echoed with activity just a short while ago now settled into the calm embrace of the island’s chilly night.

With each step closer to the night, the teams are getting closer to the darkness that lurks within the city’s corridors. Their future hangs in the balance, teetering on the edge between the facade of normalcy and the shadows that threaten to engulf their very essence.

Can good defeat evil again?

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