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March the 4th.

The sun-drenched streets of the coastal town held an air of excitement, unaware of the impending storm that was brewing on the horizon. The Retreat is in full swing, with laughter and joy echoing through the narrow corridors of the monastery.

As the teams indulged in happiness and on the renovated energy of the new week, the show must go on.

Today, our special guest was João Ribeiro – Gaming, Publishing, Live Ops, Consulting – an individual with a serene demeanor and over a decade of expertise in his field. João took charge of a workshop focusing on data-driven decision-making and enhancing the teams projects.

As the morning sunlight began to wane, minds brimming with newfound insights, the lunch break became a welcome interlude.
In the afternoon, the teams engaged in personalized one-on-one mentoring sessions with João. It was an opportunity for them to showcase their projects individually and, in turn, gain invaluable insights.

In the aftermath, the entrepreneurs, fatigued but exhilarated, exchanged glances. As the mentoring sessions drew to a close, the teams, one after another, exited the venue. The tranquility bestowed by the solitude of silence descended upon the historic halls of the monastery. What was a hubbub just a few hours ago now settled into the stillness of the night, embracing the chilly embrace of the island’s nocturnal air.

The day was a success, yet the consequences remained unknown.
Little do they know, the shadows of the unknown loomed on the edges of their reality.

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