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February the 28th.

The gray clouds seem to have taken hold over the island’s skies, as if the angels themselves were sending a sign for the shadows that are coming.
The darkness wants revenge and it seems it’s revenge it will have.

However, oblivious to their own fate, our entrepreneurs, following the normal schedule, cheerfully arrive at the monastery. Once again, the old halls of the Jesuits College are blessed with the sound of laughter; conversations; life.

Today, tough, contrary to any other day, is special.
Actually, special in double.
You see, first, because we’ll be able to welcome back the amazing Muhammad Satar – CEO at Infinity Games -, covering the topic of building games with purpose and the key aspects of bootstrapping.

In the end, the decision to bring the mentor madness on the same day Muhammad was here, ended up being an amazing choice. Muhammad is an awesome person and a very calm speaker, which meant that day would be quite balanced in a “calm before the storm” sort of way.

And just like that, right after lunch, the madness begun.
Supporting Muhammad himself, we were happy to also welcome back Lígia Gonçalvesfounder at Walkme Mobile Solutions -, Sérgio Costa – Project Manager at FootAR -, and the amazing Anna Fedorova– CMO at 80.lv. A stellar line up that not only rose to the occasion, but more importantly, provided our teams with some personalized tips, tricks and feedback.

Tired but happy, as soon as the madness subsided, our teams, one-by-one, returned to their own personal lives. And little by little, as the sound of the last steps was getting further and further away, the silence returned and the old monastery. The aged corridors of our site can now embrace the cold February night of the island.

We’ll have more mentoring’s next week.
Can our teams be ready on time?
Only four weeks left for the final boss.
The shadows are coming.

Check out all the photos HERE!

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