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February the 26th.

The week started bright and sunny, welcoming back to the second week of the retreat the fresh new batch of startups. The old and familiar halls of the college can be filled with some laughter, joy, and all the sounds that signal that life is back to the monastery.

On a Monday, after a hectic first week used for the sole reason of people getting acquainted to the site and to all the new faces, the teams arrived energized and ready for the programming.

Like in the first year, the schedule will have lots of mentors, all specially picked to cover any shortcomings that might appear throughout the Retreat. As such, today we had the pleasure to welcome Gabriel CanavarroSenior Game Designer at Bytro -, a very chill person with more than five years experience in the field. Gabriel was responsible to workshop on how to bring ideas to life and on how to better develop a concept.

As the morning was coming to an end, and with brain pumped full of fresh ideas, the lunch hour presented itself as a much needed change of pace.

In the afternoon the teams had their first one-on-one mentorship sessions with Gabriel. A chance for them to individually show their projects and, respectively, receive invaluable feedback.

And just like that, as the mentorings where coming to a close, the teams, one by one, started to leave the premises. The peace provided by the loneliness of silence fell upon the old halls of the monastery, and what was very loud just a few hours ago, was now left to rest as the cold night of the island was starting to take hold.

We now know the shadows are alive and conspiring to take over.

The promise of a night eternal is ever present, but not revealed yet.
For now, everyone’s happy to be here and enjoying each other’s presence.
Maybe tomorrow.

Check out all the photos HERE!

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