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February the 27th.

The morning dawned cold, contrasting with the day before.
The gray skies, painted by the heavy clouds of rain, promised to bring the first drops of water, as if the heavens themselves were blessing the start of a new day. Or maybe as a weeping moment over the darkness returned.

Regardless, and as always, the teams began to arrive, ready to fill the lonely halls of the monastery with life and energy. Old as it is, the beaten rocks that comprise every corner of our home, seem to ever-so-slightly get some of its old youth back.

Today, just like on any other day, a new mentor will come crashing from the skies – quite literally, since the only way to get on the island is by plane – to provide the teams with some more insights, knowledge and, quite frankly, a massive load of tips and tricks to breeze through the meanders of the business. As such, the speaker of the day is Diogo Vasconcelos – Owner at Nerd Monkeys.

Diogo has more than ten years of experience in game production and studio management, so the information that he brought with him revealed itself to be invaluable. Luckily, three hours of presentation was a good way to share it.

With that, the lunch hour came and went, leaving the afternoon for the traditional one-on-one meetings between the mentor and the teams. Twenty minutes for them to share information and get some personalized feedback.

The clock, though, doesn’t stop, and with each and every ticking, the teams started to leave the site. Once again, the lonely halls of the monastery fell silent and the rocks on the walls returned to their old traditional beaten aspect.

The night returned as the day came to an end.
It didn’t rain but the promise remains.

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