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The second edition of the Gaming Startup Retreat has begun and what a roller-coaster it has been. All the teams are pumped, energized and ready to start.

February the 20th jump started with Marta Pereira – Founder at the Elephant Answer – as our first mentor, specifically on Self Assessment & Goal setting. Because the Elephant Answer was created to help groups and teams to reach the most organized versions of themselves, we couldn’t ask for a better start.

Right from the get-go she invited everyone for small dynamics where everyone was able to present themselves as well as their goals and objectives for the retreat. As a means of assessing everyone’s expectations and fears, objectives and difficulties, the focus was to establish a very solid groundwork on what everyone wants for achieve at the end of the Retreat.

What’s Unique, Alike or Unexpected about us all?

Those were questions made and answered by everyone, and it sure helped in creating stronger connections.

After lunch, we all got together for a very welcome re-energizing exercise. The mote was given and we all got the energy we needed to tackle the afternoon.

Back onto the working space everyone drew a chart with a timeline, from when the teams decided to create their startups until this point in time, marking the most important milestones in their careers. Still with the idea of getting to know more about each other, the teams were later challenged to share the timeline with everyone in a big group dynamic.

Right after, Marta asked everyone to identify their Super Powers and their Shadow Sides. This exercise allowed everyone to recognize the areas that still need to be worked on, as well as to empower everyone with the realization that we all have very high skills and principles that could bring value to those surrounding us.

After a quick survey to assess the team spirit and each member within, we all gathered for a one-word play where we could, in a simple word, summarize the day.

Of course, their was also a group photo to celebrate the end of a very successful day.

Check out all of the photos HERE!

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