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April the 12th

Wednesday. Precisely 8 days away from the Demo Day.

The countdown has begun for no stone to be left untorned. From here on out everyone will be rolling on high cylinders as the tower of destiny rises in the horizon. The most important event in the immediate future of every startup has started to cast it’s shadow on everyone’s journey and from here on out there’s no turning back. To make it all more ominous, even the sun seamed afraid to shine giving way for the gray clouds to fill the island skies. Not quite somber skies, but clearly a sign for the beginning of the journey towards the final Boss.

However, every new level brings hardships, but also boons to balance out the challenges put in front of the main characters. As such, as the teams were arriving at the College, they were given the boons of the day, which were twofold:

The first, personified by the amazing Micaela Vieira – Project Manager at Startup Madeira. Micaela has an incredibly potent magnetism that, together with her natural charisma, create an aura of good disposition, enthralling everyone’s attention in her presentations. Although it was a short talk, being able to learn about every branch and project of the company that created the Retreat has certainly helped everyone understand how all things got put together.


The second boon, was personified by Mirko Haenssgen – Executive Director at UNEVIS. Mirko is very energetic and full of life, which really provided an amazing atmosphere for the teams as they learned more on how to prepare their business and scale them with impact. Better yet, the teams also had the pleasure to have Mirko for themselves on the one-on-one mentorships that, this time around, were made in the morning.


It was definitely intense, but it was also meant to be like that.

No quarter has been asked and no quarter will be given.

The best the organizers can do is to make it all though but fair, as the teams are taking it like pros and growing at an incredible pace. It’s a well balanced game that is already giving fruits as the projects are growing, contacts are being established, and potentially amazing partnerships are being made.

The tower of fate is growing evermore as the days keep on passing.
The shadows fell.
The journey entered in its final arc.
The main characters are getting as ready as possible.

Check out all the photos HERE!

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