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April the 11th brought forth the penultimate Tuesday before the Demo Day.
We’re exactly one week away from the antechamber of the end goal of the whole Retreat. Exactly 8 days from now, the teams will be put to test under some of the biggest players in the gaming scene and, hopefully, establish a long standing relationship with someone that could provide a next phase for each and every startup here with us.

The pressure still lies in chains, and as the sun rose brightly in the sky, signaling the beginning of a new day of work and mentorships, each and every single one of our entrepreneurs arrived at the old halls of the college, as usual, full of happiness and energy, wondering what new experiences and knowledge would lie in wait for them.

Yesterday, they were given the gift of João Castro – Affiliate Associate Professor – Digital Business, Innovation and Technology from Nova SBE. João had the taks to bring to our startups the secrets on how to build and retain a “Dream Team” which, in other words, meant that he would be providing cool tips, dynamics and strategies on how to better nurture a work environment amongst colleagues and associates.


As usual, the day begun with the normal pitches from every startup, where the teams were invited to present their projects, as a means of keep practicing their pitches but also to allow João to get to know them better, followed by a presentation from João himself. The mentor is a well of knowledge, and even after a brilliant dynamic with Legos, there was no one among was that wasn’t thrilled with the experience.


Happy and fulfilled by the experience, this time it was actually hard to let go when the lunch hour suddenly arrived, and we had to stop what we were doing.

Luckily, though, it didn’t take long, as João returned for the traditional afternoon one-on-one mentorships. Like always, all of the entrepreneurs here were very grateful to be able to have a private meeting with the mentor, to share the growing pains, hopes and goals, but also, to receive personalized feedback, together with some tricks from a pro, on how to better move in the twisted turns of the gaming industry.


Definitely, a day well spent.

A day that quickly came to an end, as the teams were completing the tasks for the day and, as such, were leaving the College, back to their private routines.

Once again, the shadow of the Demo Day was kept in check, promising to return.

Check out all the photos HERE!

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