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This story is not for the faint of heart.

It’s a story about chaos, about insanity… it’s a story about madness.

It all started on a Wednesday, much like any other ‘till now.
March the 22nd, 2023, to be precise.

The morning begun like it usually does, with the teams happily arriving at the Colégio dos Jesuítas, ready for another day of work, mentorships, learning, teaching, sharing.

The sun was shining, the spirits were on their normal high state, and we were all more than happy to welcome the two mentors for the morning: the amazing Marco Bettencourt – CEO & Founder at REDCATPIG -, and the brilliant Muhammad Satar – Founder at Infinity Games. Together, both Marco and Muhammad provided a laid back, yet very insightful morning, focusing on the “dos” and “don’ts” on how to grow a gaming company. More than that, the years of experience each of them has, by itself is astounding, but together they’ve created a hurricane of information that took everyone by storm (no pun intended). Having two behemoths of the gaming scene sharing so much insight about the backstage of the industry was one of the high points of the week.

Lots of value was added, lots of experiences were shared, and, as always, everyone got out of it better, and with a much larger understanding of the industry on which they are establishing themselves.

Just like that, the lunch hour arrived.
Merrily, one after another, the teams were given a breather to process the information and to enjoy the awesome food available on the island.

All normal.
All within expectation.
But that was about to change…

Like a flash of lightning, chaos and insanity came crashing from the skies.
Madness arrived and no stone was left unturned.

Nine mentors joined the fray and, for 10 minutes, each and every startup was challenged to make a flash-pitch, present their projects, ask questions and take the biggest amount of feedback they can get. The timer was on, the bells were ringing, the energy was on an all-time high and chaos was nurtured.

Every 10 minutes, a shout for “CHANGE” resounded on the college halls, and the sound of dragging chairs would initiate another round of madness. Nine times it happened. Nine times the ticking of the clock would come inevitably reach the zero. Nine times a scream and chairs dragging would call for a new end and a new beginning.

And then it was heard: “IT’S A WRAP”.

Just like that, the madness subsided and the chaos was over.

The day had just reached it’s end and no one would ever be the same.

Tired but happy, everyone left the experience much readier for what’s coming ahead. It was purposefully intense, but the goal was reached and we’re now much more prepared for the most hectic of situations. Each and every single entrepreneur has now the confidence to tackle every challenge with the full knowledge that they brilliantly conquered the Gaming Madness.

Check out all the photos HERE!

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