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And here we go again.
Day 6, March the 20th.

Another week is here and the hype returned.

Fully energized by the weekend, and the chance to enjoy the island at its fullest with no restrictions, the teams returned to the office with a refreshed state of mind and ready to jump back to work and to the mentorships.

And what a start of the week we had!

From Germany, we had the absolute pleasure to welcome Christopher Gosse – lead designer at DECA Games -, that brought with him a pack full of knowledge and was kind enough to share with everyone. Christopher has under his belt an amazing portfolio of games on which he participated, including behemoths like Runescape. Invaluable knowledge indeed.

With the machine oiled and carbonating at full speed everyone knew what was coming.
Christopher started the day going in depth into the presentations and explaining the different stages of game development, inviting the teams along the way to participate so that, in big group, everyone could get to the same thought process behind each and every phase of creation.

And just like that, the morning was over and lunch arrived.

In the afternoon, things went back to the now familiar mentoring, where every startup was able to pitch their projects and soak on all the knowledge gathered by all those years of expertise, and that Christopher so kindly shared.

As such, one by one, everyone was getting tips and having their most preeminent questions answered, and slowly but surely the day was getting close to the end.

As always, another busy day came and went.

Can’t wait to see what’s gonna happen tomorrow.

Check out all the photos HERE!

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